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Invisible Black Girl

Feb 16, 2023

Sixty episodes. I did it! Though there is always stress, I have a new writing project on the horizon, Beyonce is going on tour, and Rihanna has another baby on the way! Also, I share some opinions on discipline in schools (like always) and some thoughts on HBCUs. Enjoy and please share with a friend.


Feb 8, 2023

I'm so exhasted y'all. Fortunately I recorded this a few days ago before this feeling came over me. I'm homesick, too. Enjoy this week's episode!



Jan 19, 2023

Well friends it has been rough, but here I am! It's late af but it's here. This week is mostly about work and my growing disillusion with education. I'm also becoming increasingly annoyed with the job hunting process as well. Thank you for listening!


Jan 11, 2023

Hey yall. The title says it all. Enjoy this week's episode!!

Invisible Black Girl

Jan 4, 2023

Hey y'all. I'm back again like I never left <insert laughter>. We have so much to discuss. Life has been doing its thing, but I have a vision for 2023 and I hope you'll join me. Happy New Year and here's to being visible in 2023.